Free Family Office Webinars ($79 Value)webinar

The following webinars are sold on our website for $79, and contain over 6 hours of conference presentation quality information on family office investments.  Our hope is that by watching these webinars, you can take real action and make tangible progress on improving your single family office team, investment portfolio, and investment goals overall.

The following webinars are available:

Single Family Office Investing
: This 90 minute webinar reviews what the members of our family office association, Single Family Office Syndicate, and Billionaire Family Office are investing in and why they consistently do so.  It discusses the maturity of the investment portfolios between single family offices in Asia, Europe, and the United States and also suggests some best practices for single family office investment management.

Creating a Single Family Office: As the title suggests, this 90-minute webinar discusses the steps needed to take to launch a single family office.  Similar to the content provided in our chapter on this topic, this presentation reviews the Family Office Compass concept, why it is so critical, and walks listeners through the importance of following proven single family office startup steps.  All family offices are unique, but so are all businesses and there is no sense trying to start a single family office without collecting best practices on the process first.

Direct Investing, Co-Investing, & Club Deals:  This webinar dives into direct investing, co-investment, and club deals.  After listening to this recording, you will know the difference between these types of investing, why they are growing in popularity, and get an introduction as to how to navigate deals.  This is perhaps our most technical and valuable webinar completed to date for those who have been in the industry for some time already.

Family Office Investment Priorities:  This 90-minutes webinar reviews what most families are investing in, why they invest in those areas, and discusses their investment priorities.  Similar to the Single Family Office Investing webinar above, this recording reviews where the industry is headed and why our association believes that is so.  This webinar is most appropriate for advisors such as attorneys or CPAs that have started to work with a few single family offices and are trying to get a better understanding of the industry.