Family Office Advisor

We offer family office creation, formalization, and management solutions geared towards ultra-wealthy families.

If you are like many clients we work with, you may be looking for a firm which can first listen to you, and then design a family office that decreases chaos, is in line with your values, and allows you to live in a new reality with proper, family office quality solution providers all around you. Since our

CEO, Richard C. Wilson is also the founder of the largest community of registered family offices globally we have unrivaled levels of connections to family offices, direct investment deal flow, and most importantly, constantly refreshed perspectives, strategies, structures, and models to emulate.

We have helped dozens of families start their family offices over the last 12 years, and having met with over 2,500 family offices in person, we bring to the table a perspective and depth of relationships that equip us to add particular value to ultra-wealthy families. For over a decade we have operated a large network of family offices and hosted over 115 live conferences in the family office industry. This helps us constantly evolve and deepen our understanding of the space and identify additional $1M or $10M mistakes that can be avoided.

While many families reach out to us just before or after a liquidity event to design and implement their family office from the ground up, we can also help with the formalization of a family office, or helping improve key areas of a family office that has been in place for generations. We have found most families need to improve their operational management, direct investment deal flow programs, their family office dashboard, estate planning, and tax optimization.

If we work together the first step will be going through our 50 kick-off questions, which will lead to deeper conversations on where you are headed and why. We will explore what hasn’t worked to date, how your wealth was created, and what are the top priorities in regards to family needs, taxation, estate planning, investment management, deal flow, and overall management of all of the moving pieces.

Often times, we find that families have been managing their wealth as a single portfolio, but many families find it helpful to break their wealth into three compartments. This way they have varying levels of control, transparency, cost, and personal involvement across different asset types that typically no single firm will be great at executing on for you. In other words, you typically can be more effective if you start thinking of your wealth in terms of your diversified assets, cash flowing real estate holdings, and direct investments into operating businesses. We can have this conversation with you, and what we have seen other centimillionaires do while managing the complexities of having dozens of LLCs, ever more complicated tax filings, and 100’s of investments in their portfolio.

Reach out to us to schedule a video call to learn more about how we could work together to build out your family office solution or develop a performance-fee only direct investment program.

Family Office Advisor Services:

  1. Family Charter & Compass Creation (Governance, Ethics, Investment Policy, Priorities, etc.)
  2. Deal Flow Management, Screening & Structuring
  3. Formalization of the Family Office
  4. Acquisition Target or Portfolio Asset Visits in Person
  5. Direct Investment Strategy & Execution (J-Curve Jumps, Niche Conglomerates, Co-Investing)
  6. Consolidated Reporting Implementation & Management
  7. Family Office Executive Search & Recruiting Services
  8. Family Office Process Documentation & Systematization
  9. Operations, Team Management & Hiring/Firing
  10. Best of Breed Service Provider Selection (General Counsel, Legal Formation, Accounting, Trust & Estate Work, etc.)
  11. Ongoing CEO or CIO responsibilities adjusted to each family office depending on needs

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